Which Challah Bread Recipe Should this Shiksa Attempt Continued…

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Challah Bread Recipe

Choose a healthier or chocolate challah bread recipe from one of the 10 below or move on to the next 10 fancy or savory challahs.

6. Mini Challah Rolls

We can’t forget to include mini challah rolls in our Shiska’s Challah Challenge! These would be great as hamburger buns or little sandwich rolls. My biggest concern here would be braiding them I think.

7.  Jamie Geller’s Challah Recipe

I included this challah recipe as it includes directions for how to make pull apart challah as well as braided challah. Plus it’s from Jamie Geller from the Joy of Kosher. So I had to make sure I included it.


8.Whole Wheat Raisin Challah

A healthier version of an old favorite.

9. Whole Wheat and Quinoa Challah Baguettes

For the health conscious, white flour avoiding challah lover. My daughter would love this one!

10. Gluten Free Challah Recipe

A great gluten free option to try, using gluten free flour and xanthan gum to make it gluten free.

11. Chocolate Chip Challah Bread

OMG! Chocolate Chip Challah recipe not only calls for chocolate chips, but also almonds! I have died and gone to heaven. This one has to be on for the Shiksa’s Challenge!

12. Cinnamon Walnut Stuffed Challah Bread

My mouth watered when I found this recipe. Just a note that it is a dairy based bread as it has whole milk and unsalted butter in the recipe. Maybe I will bring it to our next Sunday brunch at my in-laws house. It will be a must on the Shiksa’s Challah Challenge!

13. Fig, Raspberry and Sea Salt Challah

Sounds kind of fancy doesn’t it? Looks kind of fancy too. Stephanie suggests that you use this one for toast, french toast or a french toast casserole. I like that she uses fig and raspberry jam for the flavoring. Since my hubby is a raspberry fan, this one will go on the Shiksa’s Challah Challenge list for sure!

14. Apple Butter Challah

Not only does this recipe include a recipe for challah, but also for the apple butter! The apple butter is a long process and will take 15 hours in a crock pot. Which can be done, but again this seems a little advanced for me. I may just buy some apple butter if I bake this challah. It looks like it would be a hit in the fall or at Thanksgiving or Rosh Hashanah. What do you think?

15. Raspberry Pumpkin Seed Challah Buns

Just look at that picture. What a yummy idea for challah! Looks like it would be great for breakfast or brunch!

If you try any of these recipes please let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share them on our facebook page. We want to see what you have baked and shared with those you love!



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