Which Challah Bread Recipe Should This Shiksa Attempt? Continued…

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Challah Bread

Go back to choose a healthier or chocolate challah bread or choose from one of the fancy or savory challahs below.

16. Cinnamon Apple Stuffed Challah

From one of our favorites, Amy at whatjewwannaeat.com has a great challah recipe for cinnamon apple stuffed challah. This I want to try!

17.  Rainbow Challah Bread

OK if I could pull this one off that would be cool. And a miracle…. But it looks like it you can get the braiding right it could work.

18.  Apple Honey Challah

A challah recipe from the awesome Shiksa Tory Avey. This would be wonderful for Rosh Hashanah, or Shabbat, or Hanukkah, or Christmas, or Easter, oh wait that wouldn’t work if your family was observing Passover. What I mean to say is that this looks like it would be amazing for almost any occasion.

19. Braided Nutella Bread

OK this recipe doesn’t actually say it is challah, however it is a yeast bread, and it is braided, and it looks incredible, and Warren (my hubby) loves Nutella, so I included it in this list.

20. Chocolate Cherry Challah

Chocolate, Cherry, Challah. 3 C’s that I would think would be incredible together. I guess we will have to try it and find out!

21. Savory Tomato Stuffed Challah Bread

Little Ferraro Kitchen provides this incredible looking tomatoe and garlic stuffed challah. Best part of her recipe is that she shows LOTS of photos so it is easy to work through the recipe. Since we love tomatos, especially cherry tomatoes, this challah is on the Shiksa’s Challah Challenge! As this recipe is best with feta cheese, only bring it to a dairy meal or substitute the cheese for parve cheese.

22. Vegan French Onion Challah

Instead of eggs he used a mix of flours to make it vegan and a little healthier. Looks yummy to me!

23. Pretzel Challah

According to Molly from the blog My Name is Yeh – to get the perfect pretzel challah, you must use lye. And apparently that is a big deal. So I will put this challah as a more challenging challah to try, and if I try it it won’t be until I am more comfortable with baking. But if you are a pro, please go ahead and try it. Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

24. Pumpkin Challah

I bet this would be good with butter and salt and would be fun to make in the fall during pumpkin season.

25. Rye Challah Recipe

Rye bread is awesome with pastrami, so why not a challah version?

If you try any of these recipes please let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share them on our facebook page. We want to see what you have baked and shared with those you love!



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Challah Bread

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